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Founded in 1994, S.C. GESIROM ENTERPRISE S.R.L. specialized in production of rubber mixtures and products. Later, due to the growth of each year, we extended our activity to international road transport of goods. We have the capacity to produce different types of rubber mixtures and products, that meets the most fastidious demands of our clients from different sectors of industry, such as automotive industry, appliance industry, oil industry etc.


In our factory the production of rubber products (seals, valves, bushings, o-rings etc.) is made using latest technology presses including rubber injection technology, allowing us to obtain very good quality products with minimal costs.
Quality is our priority. S.C. GESIROM ENTERPRISE S.R.L. has implemented quality management system SR EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) in the domain of production of rubber mixtures and parts.

We produce rubber mixtures and products, from the simplest to the most complex, in standard or special conditions, that meets a wide range of technical demands, such as: mechanical demands (tensile strength, compressive, hardness, etc), resistance to corrosive products, resistance to different temperature requirements etc.. We produce rubber products of any type from NBR, EPDM, PVC+NBR mixture, silicone, natural rubber, butadiene, vyton etc.. So far we have produced seals, valves, o-rings, bushings, membranes, pads and different products for the auto industry, railway industry, electric industry, consumer industry and appliance industry.

The production process of our factory is made using the latest technology in the area of rubber production, including rubber injection process, because of our latest presses, being a partner of MAPLAN in the development of rubber production.

We have special machines for the production of rubber mixtures and products, including hydraulic presses, rubber injection presses. We also have our own laboratory, specially equipped for analyzing, measuring and controlling rubber mixtures and products.

All products are being checked by the Quality Department to meet all the required demands. The quality of our products and the company seriousness are guaranteed by our loyal customers: U.A.M.T. S.A. Oradea, ROMCARBON S.A. Buzau, ELECTROPRECIZIA S.A. Sacele, ASTRA VAGOANE S.A. Arad, STABILUS Romania, LEONI Wiring Systems Romania/Russia, Askoll Romania, Lear Corporation etc.).

For any information, please contact us. Contact Person Cadindatu Florin +40720202802.

By producing quality products at competitive prices, our goal is to become your favorite supplier.

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