About us

Founded in 1994, S.C. GESIROM ENTERPRISE S.R.L. specialized in production of rubber mixtures and products. Later, due to the growth of each year, we extended our activity to international road transport of goods Gesirom Enterprise carries
out domestic and international road freight transport with its own means. After over 15 years’ experience in the field of domestic and international freight transport, we guarantee fast and safe transport services, prompt information on the situation of cars and competitive prices.
The fleet GESIROM Enterprise SRL consists of:

  • 8 trucks of 22 tones:
  • 6 DAF tarpaulins MEGA, capacity 34 euro pallets, volume 1oo m3 ,h = 3.oo m.
  • 2 DAF tarpaulins STANDARD, capacity 34 euro pallets, volume 9o m3, h = 2.75 m
  • 10 mini-vans of 3.5 tones:
  • 6 tarpaulins, capacity 8 euro pallets, payload 1250-1300 kg, volume 16-20 m3.
  • 2 tarpaulin, capacity 10 euro pallets, payload 1200-1250 kg, volume 23 m3.
  • 1 van capacity 5 euro pallets, load 1200-1250 kg, volume 12 m3.
  • 1 van capacity 6 euro pallets, payload 1050-1100 kg, volume 14 m3.
In the case of trucks the frequent routes are on the Romania-France relationship and the return and in the case of the vans, we specialized in the relationship between Romania – Turkey and Turkey – EU, especially express transports… but if necessary we can adapt and we are open to other routes as long as there is a continuity and transports will take place over a longer period.
All cars are licensed to carry out legal transportation, are equipped with a GPS monitoring system and drivers have mobile phones and can be contacted 24/24.
We also have a warehouse of 120 m2 for storage of goods in transit, a warehouse equipped with video surveillance and monitoring at the security company, as well as with all necessary means for transhipment and storage of the goods (forklift, exchange pallets…)